ethiopian capacity building


Core team

• Tewodros Tefera – National Coordinator
• Yihenew G. Selassie – Bahir Dar University, South Achefer cluster coordinator
• Sewnet Gedamu – REFOOTURE field expert South Achefer
• Gezahegn Berecha – Jimma University, Tepi cluster coordinator
• Abnet Dereje – REFOOTURE field expert Tepi


Partners are organizations and individuals who have committed to supporting the transformation of the food system to a regenerative, inclusive one and are part of the Living Lab community.

Suggested partners:
• BoA extension agents, AGP, projects, veterinary agent
• Experts from Achefer and Yeki District Office of Agriculture
• Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute
• Tepi National Spice Research Center, Projects (REFOOTURE, RED++, AGP) & Green coffee P.L.C., farmers
• Large commercial farmers, smallholders, private investors
• Farm input shops, cooperatives, micro finance institutes
• Traders, local markets, processors, exporters
• Associations, hotel owners, shops, local markets
• Bahir Dar and Jimma Universities

REFOOTURE colleagues

Jochen Fröbrich – REFOOTURE speaker
Marianna Siegmund-Schultze – REFOOTURE Ethiopia country coordinator from Wageningen


Funders invest financially in the establishment and activities of the South Achefer Living Lab Team and Tepi and the plural of Labs.