Ethiopian Living Labs for regenerative, inclusive food systems

Ethiopia Living Lab


REFOOTURE-Ethiopia facilitates generation, validation and dissemination of knowledge and practices on regenerative and inclusive food systems (RIFS) where a functional living lab (South Achefer) facilitates realization of innovation co-creation, inclusiveness and ecosystem health.

Our vision

By 2031, regenerative and inclusive food systems contribute to agricultural sector transformation and Ethiopian pathway to prosperity.

Our main activities

• Enhance adoption rate of best practices such as potato, Rhodes grass, and dairy production.
• Enhance regenerative farming practices by inclusion of compost and organic matter saving practices like intercropping, minimum tillage, agroforestry and forestry.
• Ensure inclusiveness of women, children and disadvantaged segment of the society.
• Improve access to improved seed and farm management practices (IPM, crop management, crop rotation).
• Enhance opportunities for local processing of potato (chips, starch, and improved storage).
• Improved and fair marketing linkages of potato and milk products by identifying potential buyers (processors, restaurants, wholesalers, vendors
We provide tailored innovation support services for innovation cases.