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Panel Discussion of the Ethiopian # Green Legacy Innovation (GLI)

By: Tewodros Tefera

I have the privilege to attained the Panel Discussion of the Ethiopian Green Legacy Innovation. The Green Legacy Initiative is a demonstration of Ethiopia’s long-term commitment to a multifaceted response to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation that encompasses agroforestry, forest sector development, greening and renewal of urban areas, and integrated water and soil resources management. REFOOTURE is recognized as one of the few stakeholders to attend this high-level panel. The panel is being held under the theme: Ethiopian Green Legacy Innovation for Sustainable Development.

On the opening of the panel Adem Farah, Deputy President of Prosperity Party, urged the stakeholders to realize the goal of a green legacy. Adem has called on the Ethiopian community to sustain green legacy development and benefit from the initiative. Dr. Girma Amente, Minister of Agriculture on his part underscore that Ethiopia has been wondered and recognized at regional and international levels by the green legacy initiative.

The three keynote speakers: The World Bank, GIZ, and The UN highlight the early impact and contribution of the green legacy in Ethiopia and beyond in the region. They reaffirm their interest to contribute and being partners for the second round of Green Legacy Initiatives.

Take home message:

  • Bringing on board research systems will help to generate evidence and to track progress in an objective way
  • Engaging the private sector to improve inclusiveness, create employment opportunities, import substitution, and create economic wealth
  • Planting with purpose: which species where and for what purpose 
  • Continued support from the development partners. The green legacy initiatives of Ethiopia have transboundary effects in the region and beyond. SUPPORTING ETHIOPIA has a direct and indirect positive effect.
  • GLI is benefiting Ethiopia from the carbon credit
  • GLI is a way to harmonize people and nature


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