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Revitalizing ginger production in Ethiopia

Ginger is one of the most widely used spices as a flavouring agent around the world. It is also an important crop in Ethiopia in terms of production, local consumption, and export, owing to the availability of favourable climatic and edaphic conditions and a long tradition of production. Ginger production, however, is limited to a few pockets in southern Ethiopia and a few areas in southwestern Oromia and north Amhara despite the country’s huge potential for ginger production. In recent years, after the ginger bacterial wilt pandemic, production and export were hampered, seriously limiting its economic contribution at household and economy wide. To resolve the problems, research and development efforts have been made. However, the adoption and implementation of the recommended practices are very limited. The Tepi living lab has been initiating  a dialogue to revitalize the production of ginger by brining relevant stakeholders in round table.


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