ethiopian capacity building

Visiting World Vegetable Centre in Addis Ababa

By: Tewodros Tefera (PhD)

I visited The World Vegetable Center office in the Addis Ababa CGIAR compound. I met Dr. Wubetu Bihon and Mr. Ameha Besufkad. We had a very fruitful discussion about potential collaboration and partnership. We identified many commonalities and interest areas between WVC and Stichting Wageningen Research (SWR) Ethiopia’s ongoing projects. Both organizations got funding from the IKEA Foundation to demonstrate regenerative agricultural practices and soil health through Veggies for planet and people (V4P&P) and Food Futures Eastern Africa (REFOOTURE) projects.

Vegetable seed security, promotion of a healthy diet and nutrient-dense foods, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are the other thematic areas for potential collaboration with RAISE FS and NESP projects.  

We agreed to further explore areas of collaboration and modalities of partnership. We schedule July 22nd for the second round of meetings.


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